Presentations and panel discussion “The House of Dust : A Poem in Process”

Graduate Center, CUNY, New York. In the context of The House of Dust exhibition at the James Gallery
September 9, 2016

Participants: Hannah Higgins, Art and Art History, The University of Illinois at Chicago; Nicole Woods, Art History, University of California, Los Angeles; Maud Jacquin; Sébastien Pluot.

Six years after the founding of Fluxus—in which, as the only woman, she played a pioneering role—Knowles teamed up with composer and Bell Labs innovator James Tenney to create an “application” of Fluxus' post-Cagean mobilization of language. Boundlessly generating permutations, deriving from the artist’s original “score,” this sprocket-holed ribbon of Fortran results, landed amid the rise of Conceptual Art, Institutional Critique, etc. — as crucially relevant but yet to be grasped. Art historians Hannah Higgins and Nicole Woods discussed The House of Dust as a “poem in process”, both open and generative, with particular attention to its political resonances and to issues of participation, experience and embodiment. This event was organized and moderated by Maud Jacquin and Sébastien Pluot.