• Diogo Alvim's performance at Cneai=, Pantin, November 2017

  • Alexandre Del Torchio's performance at Cneai=, Pantin, November 2017

  • Round table discussion with Sylvie Boulanger, Jagna Ciuchta, Ramiro Guerreiro, Maud Jacquin and Josh Schwebel, Cneai=, Pantin, November 2017

  • Conference by Anne Zeitz with Daniela Silvestrin, Cneai=, Pantin, November 2017

Inhabiting the Exhibition - Two days of performances, conferences and round table discussions

Cneai=, Pantin. In the context of the closing weekend of The House of Dust exhibition at Cneai
November 18-19, 2017

The works presented in The House of Dust were developed or activated during the course of the exhibition by the artists, the visitors and guests. With its rich program of artistic and discursive events, HABITER L'EXPOSITION (Inhabiting the exhibition) transformed the exhibition space into a veritable stage, an ecosystem for creation. During the closing weekend, artists, curators and researchers were invited to share their ideas and works generated during the exhibition.


November 18

Architectures and algorithms

2pm - Lecture by Sébastien Pluot

2:30pm - Lecture by Emanuele Quinz, art historian and Maître de conférence at the Université Paris VIII

3pm - Round table discussion with Emanuele Quinz and the artists and architects, Lou-Maria Le Brusq, Elisabeth Lemercier and Aurélie Pétrel, moderated by Sébastien Pluot On hospitality

4:30pm - Lecture by Maud Jacquin: “Archite(x)tures of Hospitality”

5pm - Lecture by Sylvie Boulanger, director of the Cneai and curator

5:30pm – Round table discussion with the artists Jagna Ciuchta, Ramiro Guerreiro and Joshua Schwebel moderated by Sylvie Boulanger and Maud Jacquin

6:45 - Performance by Diogo Alvim, composer, inside the installation Portable Structures for Potential Gatherings by Ramiro Guerreiro, followed by a discussion between the artists

November 19

Sound Environments

2pm - Presentation of by Daniela Silvestrin

2:30pm – Lecture by Anne Zeitz, art historian and professor at the Université Rennes 2

3pm – Sound pieces by Marco Marini, composer and musician and Alexandre del Torchio, composer and artist

3:30pm - A Constructed World invites Antoine Dufeu, writer and Valentina Traïanova, artist and performer, to speak to eels

4pm - Art by Translation, synthesis of a year of research with Jeff Guess, Maud Jacquin, LouMaria Le Brusq, Sébastien Pluot, Joshua Schwebel and Daniela Silvestrin

5pm Launch of the complete version of The Office of Gravitational Documents #THEHOUSE_OF_DUST, limited edition, edited manually by Dieudonné Cartier (assisted by Clémence Fleury), in his installation.