Reframing The House of Dust Symposium

REDCAT, CalArts, Roy and Edna Disney, CalArts Theater Los Angeles
March 24, 2018

Participants: Jasper Bernes, Hannah Higgins, Maud Jacquin, Karen Moss, Sébastien Pluot, Janet Sarbanes, Nicole Woods.

Curators : Maud Jacquin, Sébastien Pluot and Janet Sarbanes.

With Reframing The House of Dust : A Symposium, CalArts hosted a daylong symposium at REDCAT centered on Fluxus artist Alison Knowles’ House of Dust project, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The House of Dust was conceived first in collaboration with James Tenney as a computer-generated poem, and then “translated” by Knowles into a structure which accompanied her to CalArts when she joined the original faculty. From 1969-71 The House of Dust hosted many events at CalArts, and functioned as an alternative pedagogical hub on campus. Through the lens of this remarkable project, presenters considered questions of radical pedagogy (both Fluxus and feminist), participatory ecology, and cross-pollinations among poetry, architecture and early cybernetics.

Themes and speakers :

Teaching and Learning From The House of Dust

Sebastien Pluot et Maud Jacquin, Introduction to The House of Dust

Janet Sarbanes, Reframing The House of Dust at CalArts: A Meditation on Radical Pedagogy

Karen Moss, Alison Knowles and Fluxus: Propositions/Performance/Pedagogy

Moderator : Ken Ehrlich

Ecologies: Material, Social and Feminist

Hannah Higgins, Materials and Information in The House of Dust

Maud Jacquin, Inhabited by Those who Invite Others: Spaces of Hospitality in The House of Dust

Nicole Woods, Participatory Ecologies and The House of Dust: Land Art, Conceptualism, Counter-Publics

Moderator : Sara Mameni

Translations: Architecture, Language and Cybernetics

Sebastien Pluot, Poem in Translation. Disrupting Architecture and Cybernetics

Jasper Bernes, Poetry and the Architecture of Information

Moderator : Andrew Culp

Sponsored and presented by CalArts MA Aesthetics and Politics Program in collaboration with Art by Translation, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture and France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX).