Shelter or Playground: The House of Dust at the Schindler House

  • Mark Geffriaud, Home Cinema, installation, 2019. Photo credit: Esteban Schimpf

  • Mark Geffriaud, Home Cinema, performance, 2019.

  • Mark Geffriaud, Home Cinema, performance, 2019. Photo credit: Jamie Connolly

Mark Geffriaud

Home Cinema
Two projections, performers

A dialogue is generated between several cinematic images and the architecture through the use of projectors that can stand or be manipulated during performances in various spaces inside and outside of the Schindler house. The films shows details of the architecture and textual animation that reflect on the history of both The House of Dust and the Schindler house as well as specific traces they generated. The structure of the film is defined according to the movements executed during the performance. The length of the sequences corresponds to the measurements of the walls. Sometimes each film is independent and sometimes they coincide within the space. The performances take place on February 15 and 17.