Workshop "i.e." with Mark Geffriaud and students from TALM Angers

TALM Angers, Angers
May 2018

With the artist Mark Geffriaud, the students of the program En Traduction at the ESBA TALM in Angers reflected upon the importance of context and how it determines the works to be produced. A particular attention was placed on the unforeseen trajectories of the works and to the shifting of their meanings. The habitual exhibition format, too often framed by fixed dates, hours and places was turned on its head, placing it under the unpredictable logic of the works presented.

The event organized is one of the possible publication formats for these works, taking the form of a meal and party, i.e. other forms of representation of the artistic proposals. A modular buffet table containing ceramic plates and a tablecloth which records the traces of their use were produced. Ingredients and a portable kitchen were moved from place to place within the school activating interpretations of works. The party, conceived of with Mark Geffriaud was scheduled three hours before the correct time. It was destined to be reinterpreted in the future by other classes of students.