THE HOUSE OF DUST by Alison Knowles and Event Scores

  • Tyler Coburn at Esba TALM, Angers, March 2017

  • Performance by Ramiro Guerreiro at Esba TALM Angers, March 2017

Exhibition at ESBA TALM Angers

March 13-23, 2017

With works by : Alison Knowles, Lila-Ludmila Retif, Charlotte Cantin, Cathie Bagoris, Yoora Jeong, Anastasia Simonin, Beth Gordon, Ramiro Guerrero and students of the Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta of the Université Libre de Bruxelles : Charles Wendehenne, Giulia Lazzara, Nassim Zenati, Diane Lefevre, Ysaline Jegu, Sofia Cherif-Messaoudi.

In the presence of the participants of the Art by Translation program : Tyler Coburn, Lou-Maria LeBrusq, Daniel Silvestrin and Joshua Schwebel.

Curators: Maud Jacquin, Sébastien Pluot, with Lila-Ludmila Retif, Charlotte Cantin, Cathie Bagoris, Yoora Jeong, Anastasia Simonin and Beth Gordon.

The four participants of Art by Translation came to Angers, presented their work and participated in the exhibition organized with the students of the École des beaux-arts d’Angers. The group chose several quatrains from Alison Knowles’s work which were translated and interpreted in various materials, processes, actions, situations…

Several of Alison Knowles’s Event Scores were interpreted during the opening, in particular Proposition #2, Make a Salad (1962), #10 String Piece, Tie Up The Audience (1964) and Performance Piece #8 (1965). The spectators were also invited to participate and propose activations of the “houses” throughout the exhibition The House of Dust in Angers.

The Art by Translation participants gave presentations of their works to all the students. A group of twelve students from the Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta de l’ULB Bruxelles also presented works made during a workshop organized by Art by Translation in Brussels.