The House of Dust by Alison Knowles


Augmented curtain
2017, 35 m x 3, 65 m
Inflatable curtain in PVC

Christelle Chalumeaux

The missing objects
2017, variable dimensions
Diverse materials, objects, models, prototypes

Rather than crystallizing just one quatrain of Alison Knowles’s poem and risk a literal materialization, the two projects by Bona-Lemercier and Christelle Chalumeaux are in dialogue and take stock of the generative dimension of the poem. They experiment the refusal to have to decide everything in advance and the certitude that a project becomes more interesting when it is more autonomous, in interaction with outside forces. For Élisabeth Lemercier, « our proposal of an inflatable curtain was borne out of a new programmatic element, a necessity, that came about during the development of our project, that of furnishing a transparent separating wall between the exhibition space and the entry hall. An unexpected element. The materialization of this limit itself would become the work for the exhibition associated with a powerful lighting structure that illuminates the space ». For the work The Missing Objects, Christelle Chalumeaux has chosen a lexicon of objects and materials from a set produced daily in the framework of design and research work at the Artificial Architecture agency. She invited an architect, a writer, a philosopher, an actor and architecture students to performatively use the objects to construct potential, indeterminate spaces within the exhibition.
With support form the région Île-de-France and BETC, Magasins généraux